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Basic Saddle Plus Page

These saddles are the "Basic" saddle with some extras to dress them up. PLUS you still get our Saddle Special.

Saddle Special!!!   FREE!!!    With every saddle purchase receive your choice of either:
1. a "Barrel Racing, The Lynn McKenzie Way" DVD set!!
2. A 25% discount on a matching headstall or breast strap!!

How can you beat deals like these??


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All of the saddles shown on these pages are available in 13", 13 1/2", 14", 14 1/2", 15", 15 1/2", and 16" seats.  Notice that many of the saddles shown feature a leather covered horn.  "I actually prefer a leather horn over the braided rawhide" says Lynn.  You can choose either type on any saddle.  Now also available is the ability to build Lynn McKenzie Special "Kids" size saddles.  Call Lynn to ask about this option.  

     The saddles you see pictured here are some of the designs we have found which are popular with our customers.  Anything you see on one saddle that you would like on another saddle can be done, or we can design you a saddle from scratch.   We do not show prices because of the many options available, each saddle has to be priced out separately.

      We took our "Basic" saddle and added a few extras to it to get these saddles.  They are still very affordable for those budget conscious people.  If you want to get really fancy with lots of color, ostrich seats, bling bling, etc, the prices can go upwards of $4000.  But there are many things that can be done and stay under $2500.

     From time to time we have used Lynn McKenzie Double J saddles available, but the demand for them is so great, they don't last long.  So for your new (or used) Lynn McKenzie Special, call (806) 290-5352 or email: saddles@lmbarrelracing.com

SLM224-SM basic with Dot border

1/2 Tooled Lynn McKenzie Barrel Racer.  Star Tooling Pattern with the Dot Border on Roughout Parts, Leather Horn, Tooled Front and Cantle, Regular Toast Suede Seat with Popstitch, and accented with Berry Conchos.

SLM951-SM chest leather black seat silver lace and arrow

LM Special...1/2 tooled Chestnut leather with Arrow basket weave tooling pattern, black suede seat, 2 piece natural rawhide silver laced cantle, and accented with berry conchos.

SLM955 1/4 tooled black seat rawhide silver lace

1/4 Tooled LM Special with Arrow Basketweave tooled Chestnut Leather and Natural Rough Out Leather. Complete with Silver Berry Conchos, a Black Suede seat, and a Natural Rawhide Silver Laced Cantle.

SLM954 Black seat SS dots on cantle tooled borders and arrow tooling

LM Special.  Has a Black suede seat and Stainless Steed Dots on cantle.  Arrow basket tooling pattern and tooled rope borders.  Leather horn and Aluminum stirrups.

SLM961 Black seat Chestnut leather Cross Dot Floral tooling

Very Classy Lynn McKenzie Barrel Racer created from Chestnut leather with a Cross Dot Floral tooling pattern and a Chocolate Brown Suede Seat.

SLM962 Black seat Chestnut leather Star tooling

Very Nice Custom Lynn McKenzie Barrel Racer out of Chestnut leather featuring Star tooling pattern and a Black Suede seat.







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