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If you are looking for a Lynn McKenzie saddle by Double J Saddlery of Yoakum, TX, doesn't it make sense to contact Lynn herself about one?  Who else knows more about her saddle than Lynn!!  Create your own "one of a kind" design or choose from one of the many stock designs.  Our prices will be as competitive as you will find anywhere!! Lynn has a unique ability to "dress up a saddle without dressing up the price."  Contact Lynn at: or call (806) 290-5352 (Lynn), or (806) 282-7054 (Murray)


Ask Lynn about the NEW "WIDE" TREE!!  Also ask about our "SADDLE SPECIALS"!!!

Order a NEW Lynn McKenzie Saddle and receive a Free set of the DVDs
"Barrel Racing - The Lynn McKenzie Way".  How can you beat a deal like that??
                         Double J Saddlery; Myler Bits; Toklat Originals; Silver Lining Herbs

We are proud to be associated with these companies considered by most as being the tops in the Western Industry.  The Lynn McKenzie name on saddles and tack has always been recognized as meaning the very best in quality, function, and design.

   Unique to Double J Saddlery, instead of just having to take your choice of two or three  is in a catalog, you can design your saddle to be a "one of a kind creation."  From very basic to all the "Bling" you want, the choice is yours.  The years and years of experience Lynn has in designing saddles provides her with a very unique ability to help you put together a saddle you will be proud of and yet be something you can afford. Right now that is pretty important to most of us.

   How a saddle looks is very important, but unless it fits the horse AND rider, it still is a problem.  This is a case where "pretty is as pretty does" is not true.  Fortunately, in a Double J Lynn McKenzie saddle, you can have both pretty and fit, plus you the rider remains balanced in the saddle.   Many problems which are perceived to be with the horse actually can be corrected by establishing the rider's balance.  You won't find these saddles in many of the tack departments in stores, because there are so many variables such as  seat size, colors, tooling patterns, and materials.   (Have you ever wanted a full quill ostrich seat in your choice of colors? or how about the newest rage, Stingray seats?)  Since each saddle is a custom design by you the customer, stores have a hard time stocking the saddles in enough different styles to give a adequate choice.  Are you wild and daring?  Or traditional?  Or something in between?  You can have it. Contact Lynn by e-mail or phone (806) 290-5352.

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