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Lynn McKenzie Saddles


Double J Saddlery of Yoakum, TX


Please note that saddle prices have increased due to an across the board price increase from Double J Saddlery. The company has held the line rising costs for several years now. Economics dictate this increase.

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The Rigging in the Lynn McKenzie Saddle


The "New Lynn McKenzie Special"  saddles are hand made in Yoakum, TX by Double J Saddlery on fiberglass covered and reinforced wood trees.  American tanned Herman Oak skirting leather is used along with stainless steel hardware.  Customizing is easy with a wide variety of hand tooling patterns, and seat and rawhide colors to choose from.  Standard features include cut-away skirts for closer contact, biothane stirrup leathers, polished aluminum stirrups, and Montana Silversmiths accents.  The saddles are hand oiled for a beautiful finish, and come "ready to ride."

The rigging is the key to the way this saddle fits.  The uniquely designed hardware is hung on biothane straps attached to the front and back of the bars.  The saddle can be rigged in:  the front slots only (7/8 rig); a "V" using both slots (3/4 rig); or in the back slots only (almost a "center fire" rig).  It sits back further than what has been common, taking pressure off of the shoulders and withers.  By eliminating pressure points (which show up as dry spots when the saddle is removed), we allow the horse to move more comfortably under the saddle.


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SLM963 Basic with Rust seat

This is a basic Lynn McKenzie "Special".

But as you can see even the basic saddle looks pretty nice, especially when you consider that you have a choice of seat colors, rawhide colors, and tooling patterns.

There are many, many options available to either dress up or dress down your new saddle.  Nowhere else will you find a company willing to build saddles like this, AND ship your saddle this quickly.  (Normally 4 to 6 weeks!)

Options like your choice of seat styles, colors, conchos, rawhide colors, tooling patterns, leather colors, horn styles, and finishes, and the list just keeps going on.


  SLM238 Zebra Stingray Floral tooled

An example of how "Fancy" they can get.

It has Small Floral tooling and a double border painted black along with Black Rawhide horn and Silver Laced cantle. The seat and corner inlay is Black Metallic Stingray and is complete with Crystal Flower conchos #452.  Want colors?

The above saddle has the new STINGRAY seat.  Stingray seats are Lynn's personal preference now. Although Stingray and Ostrich do cost more, the difference they makes in wear ability more than makes up for the extra cost.  They just don't show wear or fade like the suede seats do.  Also available in semi-quill Ostrich.  Same great  qualities but at a lesser cost .  Lynn orders either Stingray or semi-quill Ostrich in her personal saddles.






Lynn says
"My saddle trees are handmade to my specifications at the new Double J saddletree factory in Yoakum, Texas.  The saddles are built using Herman Oak skirting leather (one of the few tanners still operating in the US) and all hardware is stainless steel. My saddles are handmade at the Double J factory in Yoakum. Everything is made to order, (please allow about 4 weeks for delivery) so you can have it your way!"



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