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Lynn McKenzie's Favorite Bits


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We have had barrel racers through the years that have asked about the Myler Bits and now Lynn, working with the Myler brothers and Toklat Originals, has produced a line of Lynn McKenzie bits by Myler.  Using Lynn's expertise in designing  bits for Barrel Racing coupled with that of the unique concepts of the Myler brothers, here are Lynn's favorite bits especially designed for Barrel Racing horses.

The influx of new blood lines into Barrel Racing has produced horses that are extremely athletic and yet very sensitive.  There is still a place for the old standby bits from earlier times (LM Rope Nose Combinations, Lifter bits, Stivers hackamores) but most of the newer Barrel Racing bloodlines need bits that spread the pressure over multiple areas.  Lynn feels that the Myler bits are best because they do not concentrate the pressure in any one area.  Horses tend to be much more responsive to this type of bit.




Myler LM Flat Shank with 33 MP

  7" Flat Shank with Med Port Mouthpiece. This is a great bit for horses that tend to drop their front end in front of a barrel.  Mares are notorious for turning on the front end.  This bit will help hold them up and push them back on their hip.





Myler Med Shank MMB with 03l Mouth

       Medium Shank MMB w/ 03 Mouth         Need a little more leverage to bring the horse into the bit?  This medium shank is a middle of the road shank, but it's far from average.  It will accomplish a lot without a lot of hard work.  This mouthpiece is good for horses who like to push off, root or lug on the bit.  Also, please note that the type of resistance described here may be due to either dental problems farther back in the mouth or tight muscles at the poll.  Keeping the rein up by the neck at the shoulder is the key to making this bit work properly.


Myler LM Med MMB with 06 mouth

    Medium Shank MMB with an 06 Mouth    We call this bit our "Dash For Cash". Good for horses that are light in the face, but still need a lot of help maintaining collection in the turns.  Working without the resentment of pressure, it will encourage a horse to engage his hindquarters, which causes him to break over at the poll and allows greater control of the shoulders. The rider's hands are important with this bit. The inside rein must stay close to the horse's shoulder in the turns in order to work properly. Called an indirect rein, pull toward your belt buckle to finish the turn.


 Yes Ma'am Bit


Long Shank MMB w/ 43 Mouth "Yes Ma'am" Bit     Does a lot for horses that need a lot.  It controls speed and keeps shoulders picked up.  Works well with front-ended horses, as it holds the front end up and sets them back on their hip.  The rider's hands are important with this bit' The inside rein must stay close to the horse's shoulder in the turns in order for the mouthpiece to work properly.  Called an indirect rein, pull toward your belt buckle to finish the turn.  Our choice for young riders (or small ladies) on big, stout horses.  Definitely one of our favorites.    


Myler LM 3 Ring Combination with Triple Barrel MP

 3 Ring Combination with Triple Barrel MP Works well on horses that resent standard-type bits.  They show their displeasure by shaking their heads and refusing to relax.  The way pressure is distributed over the face causes the horse to drop his head into the bit.  The triple barrel mouth lies softly across the tongue causing many horses to relax and soften at the poll.  Use with or without the tie down.



Short Shank MMB w/ 04 Mouth

Short Shank MMB  with Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle Lynn McKenzie Signature Series .  This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.












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