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              The name "Lynn McKenzie" has been prominent in barrel racing since September of 1977 when she and her great horse Magnolia Missile swept the Texas Barrel Racing Association Futurity, winning every go round.  In 1978, in her rookie season in the WPRA, she won the title of World Champion Barrel Racer.  In 1979 and 1980, she was the Reserve World Champion Barrel Racer, winning the average at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) both years.  Winning the 1979 NFR, she placed in EVERY go round, WINNING an unprecedented 6 of 10 rounds.  She again won the World Champion title in 1981.  An injury to Missile at the 1981 NFR kept her out of competition until Memorial Day in 1982, yet she still qualified in the top 5 for the NFR.  1983 saw a reduced amount of competition and in the fall, she quit competing in order to be home with her two daughters.  "To me, my priorities as a Mother come before rodeo, so I stayed home to raise my children.  Did I still want to rodeo?  Absolutely!  But my duties to my family were and still are more important than being able to rodeo.  I was able to maintain contact with barrel racing by training horses and by doing clinics.  Both of my daughters grew up barrel racing and both won the AQHA World Championship in Senior Barrels."  Ironically both of them won it at the age of 13.

            Lynn and Murray started out in 1974 helping Martha and R. E. Josey at their clinics and schools.  Lynn began doing her own clinics in 1979, and by 1984 her clinic business had grown considerably.  Today, with 30 years of experience for not only her, but Murray also, Lynn McKenzie Clinics are nationally and internationally known for their success in helping barrel racers young and old.  "The youngest I ever had at a clinic was 4, but the oldest was a lady who claimed to be 76, but everyone there said she was at least 83!"  Through the last 30 years, Lynn and Murray have developed many, many new patterns and techniques on the barrel pattern that now are being used by many of the top riders today.  In fact, most of these techniques have become so standard that riders don't even remember where they came from.

           In 1979, after winning her first World Championship in the WPRA,  Lynn designed and endorsed her first saddle.  The success of her first saddle prompted the development of a complete line of equipment and tack.  The original Lynn McKenzie combination bit took the industry by storm and quickly became the most copied bit on the market.  Sadly to say that bit is now being endorsed by other barrel racers and Lynn no longer gets the credit for having designed it.  Now she endorses saddles EXCLUSIVELY with Double J Saddlery.  Recently, Toklat / Myler has introduced the "Lynn McKenzie Signature Series" of Myler bits with more equipment to follow.  For the past 25 years, barrel racers, store owners, and horsemen in general have come to depend on anything with Lynn's name on it to be the very best available.  Not only that but they also know that they can depend on Lynn to develop the very latest is new equipment, ideas and techniques.

          Lynn has written articles that have appeared in nearly every horse publication that appeals to Barrel Racing including some that are not even in publication now.  Current publications include Barrel Racer News, Barrel Horse News, Turn Magazine, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Quarter Horse News, and Tack'n Togs (a magazine for western stores and tack shop owners).  Now, for the first time ever, a bi-monthly DVD Magazine, The Practice Pen To our knowledge this is the FIRST EVER DVD magazine, not just in Barrel Racing but IN ANYTHING!!!  Talking about cutting edge!!  Owning our own video production company gives us a heads up advantage in being able to bring this idea into being and to do it at a VERY AFFORDABLE cost.  Having to take this to an outside production company would make this idea cost prohibitive.  All those years of filming barrel races, clinics, and Lab 501s has given Murray the equipment and technical ability to undertake and produce this project.  Combined with Lynn's unsurpassed ability to develop, design, and teach barrel racing techniques and products makes this project sure to be a success.  With this video production company, Lynn and Murray are also now engaging in video production for the public.


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