Barrel Racing - The Lynn McKenzie Way
Produced by Lynn & Murray McKenzie

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Barrel Racing - The Lynn McKenzie Way

A series of 3 DVDs that teaches the Lynn McKenzie system of barrel racing.

Instead of having to take a weekend off and have to spend hundreds of dollars on a Barrel Racing Clinic, why not bring the training into your home at a fraction of the cost.  Information that you'll have access to whenever you want, not just for a single weekend.  Need a review or a tune up right before a really big barrel race, but don't have time to get it in?  Then we have just the right idea for you.  You'll can watch the information just like you were at a clinic or school and you can watch it whenever you want, and as many times as necessary!!  Pop it into your truck's DVD player and watch it while on the way or at that big barrel race or rodeo!!

     "Barrel Racing - The Lynn McKenzie Way" is a three DVD series that teaches you the Lynn McKenzie system.  The teachings are organized in a way to make understanding and learning this system easy to do.  We are already receiving great feedback from students who have this series.  We have chosen the DVD format because it is the newest technology available and we are always on the "cutting edge" of everything we do.  We have always been the pioneers of new ideas and equipment, not the copiers.  Plus, DVD players are inexpensive to buy and produce the clearest video possible. 

Included the set are:

1.) "It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3" - Lynn goes into great detail about each barrel showing approaches, position, distances, lines, etc. 

2.)  "The Perfect Pattern" - to be perfect, you have to know what perfect is.  Murray goes over a perfect pattern and then shows the how and why of what causes the "RED"  pattern.  There are several key points that will help you find out how easy it can be to move from a lower Division to a higher Division.

3.) "Good Hands & Body Language"  - Lynn's classic teaching from her clinics.  You will learn more than you ever thought you would know about your horse and how he moves.  Plus she covers the rider and what they should be doing to most effectively help their horse. 

All this for only $40.00 for the whole set.    (plus $5.00 shipping & handling)

To order please call Lynn @ (806) 290-5352 or Murray @ (806) 282-7054

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With the high cost of fuel, clinics, entry fees, meals, lodging, etc. we think you'll agree, this is quite a bargain!!  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and now PayPal, or you may pay by check.

Look for more DVDs coming soon!!