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Lynn McKenzie Saddle Pads


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LM Saddle Pad


Our new saddle pad made by Bayou West Co. has GREATLY exceeded our expectations.  "This is by far and away the BEST pad I have ever used!!" says Lynn.  "I designed it for use with my Lynn McKenzie saddles, but it also works great with other saddles.  This will be one of the hottest products this year.  The way it form fits to your horse is amazing.  Just like a custom made pair of boots.  And at this price, you will want one for every horse you ride."  If you try one, you won't be disappointed. Our biggest problem now is keeping then in stock!! We started with the 1 1/8" pad with the insert in black and grey. Now we have added two new styles, the Insert Pad with a Built-Up Front and a 100% Wool Grey Felt Pad. At our clinics we find horses from time to time that need a built up front in addition to the regular insert. Then there are riders who prefer a 100% wool pad and are not needing the insert. All of these pads feature the cut-out below the wear leathers for closer leg contact.




LM Insert Pad
Black - $240.00
Grey - $235.00

LM Barrel Racing Pad - Our original pad. It is a 1 1/8" pad (7/8" felt with a 1/4" neoprene in-set ) Comes in either black or grey felt top



LM 100% wool saddle pad


       100% Wool Felt Pad   This is the #1 wool contour saddle pad on the market. With its unique design and highest quality of wool, it might very well be the best thing to touch your horses back. The high grade wool wicks the moisture away rapidly and lets your horse's back breathe letting it stay cool and comfortable. (No insert)

LM Insert Pad
Black - $290.00
Grey - $285.00

LM Built-Up Front In-Set Pad - Has additional padding in the front. For those horses with an "A-Frame" front or "Sink holes" under the withers. Has made a huge difference for those type of horses. Comes in either black or grey felt top . (Built-up front is not in this picture.)













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